The riding breeches are the fundamental article that every rider chooses with great care. Discover our breeches with a high-waisted, low-waisted, full grip, or knee grip. Choose the model you want most, from seasonal colors to the most iconic ones for a unique look and performance. 

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    Men's RS breeches

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How to choose riding breeches

Riding breeches are an essential garment for top-level performance. For this reason, choosing the right trousers is very important.

Do you want to buy a pair of riding breeches and don't know which ones to choose?

We help you find the perfect riding breeches by listing the reasons why you should buy them.

Technology and Performance

The riding breeches are the result of constant research and innovation. Freedom of movement, breathability, and grip, are just some of the technical features that ensure top-level performance.


The riding breeches are suitable for all the main disciplines. Wear them during performances for your Dressage and Jumping competitions. They are also perfect for other disciplines such as Hunter, Eventing and Endurance.


With the line of riding breeches you will have a look and elegance in full Cavalleria Toscana style. Thanks to the attention to detail and the choice of unique colors, your style will not go unnoticed.

Breeches for women, men and children

In the Cavalleria Toscana catalog you will find riding breeches for women, breeches for men and kids. 

Discover the line of Cavalleria Toscana women's breeches in the most sought-after colors for a unique look. Choose from the different fits, with a high or normal waist, and from the different knee grip or full grip technology.

The men's riding breeches offer a mix of elegance and practicality. They are ideal for any occasion, both in training moments and during performances in competitions of different disciplines such as Dressage, Jumping and Hunter.

The girl's riding breeches and boy's riding breeches are adapted to little riders and riders from 8 to 14 years old.

The Cavalleria Toscana models

Cavalleria Toscana riding breeches are an essential garment for every rider.

Discover the several types of riding competition trousers to meet the technical-sporting needs of our athletes.

The models that you can find on our e-commerce include different riding breeches with grip, both full grip and knee riding breeches, to meet the needs of each discipline such as dressage, jumping, hunter, American riding and so on.

The patterns used for the grip are different, from the Cavalleria Toscana logo, to the classic rounded shape, to give extra grit to the garment.

The measurements of the jodhpurs themselves are varied: we find high-waisted riding breeches, so as to help the adherence of the trousers to the athlete's body and to the shirt, providing maximum performance and extreme technicality. At the same time Cavalleria Toscana also offers different options, with medium and lower waist.

The trousers are made according to the different needs, even seasonal ones: in fact the trousers have light and breathable jersey for summer riding trousers while they can be lined with technical fleece resulting in perfect winter riding trousers, maintaining the characteristics of breathability, windproof and rainproof.

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