Horse Riding Jackets & Vests

Cavalleria Toscana's horse riding jackets reinvent the concept of protection and warmth in a modern and technical key. Thanks to the high-performance fabric for horse riding and mid-season rides. The models of riding jackets and equestrian vests are highly breathable, wind and water-resistant with a removable hood.

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Horse riding jackets for women and men

Riding jackets are a must for all riders and horse lovers. They are made with superior quality materials that offer comfort and protection to the rider. There are show jackets for men, women and children, and everyone can choose the jacket that suits their needs. There are padded vests with foam protectors to protect the rider in the event of a fall. There are also riding jackets with a detachable hood to offer further protection to the rider. The models are made of breathable, wind and water resistant nylon with quilted sections and laser cut logo details.

The show jackets made with resistant materials and padding are compatible with our airbag, most of the riding jackets have safety certifications that certify their quality. Choosing the right jacket depends on the rider's needs and the type of discipline practiced.

Riding jackets are an indispensable piece of clothing for every rider. They protect from the cold and wind during the coldest days, but at the same time they must be light and comfortable to allow total freedom of movement during training or competition. There are different types of riding jackets on the market, each with specific characteristics depending on the type of discipline practiced. However, riding jackets are an ideal choice for those looking for a versatile and resistant garment.

The material is a synthetic fabric that combines the performance of a waterproof and breathable jacket with those of a fleece jacket. This material is made up of three layers: a water and wind resistant outer layer, an intermediate layer in a breathable membrane and an inner layer in soft and warm fleece. Jackets for riding, thanks to this structure, allow you to maintain an ideal body temperature, without sweating excessively or feeling damp.

The material is also a very wear and scratch resistant fabric, which makes it perfect for horse riding, a discipline that requires constant contact with the saddle and other accessories. The jackets are able to resist abrasions and stresses, ensuring a longer life than other fabrics.

Jackets for riding are available in different variants, each with specific characteristics for each discipline. For example, there are specific jackets for show jumping, dressage, cross country and trekking. Furthermore, there are Softshell jackets that incorporate advanced technologies, such as heat-sealed seams or waterproof pockets, to ensure maximum protection and functionality.

Finally, jackets for riding are available in different sizes and colors to meet the needs of every rider. Thanks to their versatility and resistance, these garments represent an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable and functional jacket for horse riding.

Women's and men's riding vests

Horse riding vests are an important piece of clothing for riders. They are designed for comfort, safety, and a stylish look. For women there are a large variety of women's riding vests in styles available, from the most classic to the most modern and colorful. In addition, there are also men's riding vests, ideal for those who want a professional look. These equestrian vests offer an optimal fit and are made with high quality materials such as jersey and transparent nylon that ensure resistance and durability over time. Furthermore, many riding vests are equipped with reflective inserts, ideal for riding in poor visibility conditions.

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